What a spring…

What a spring…

What a spring…

Webmaster Ryan here, AKA the “get Nathanael working with modern technology guy.”

So I’m gonna speak a bit on behalf of Nat and Melissa, but working with the Sterrs for a long time here, it’s pretty amazing how much has been going on. Believe me, the Dovefire website has been quiet (myyyy fault), the studio has not. The past couple months we’ve heard new music from great local bands When On Fire and Black Cloud, and the long-in-production full-length from Nathanael and Melissa’s band Crown For Ashes is finally (FINALLY) out (also it’s awesome).

Looking back, since starting with the Boy Charlie and Elijah’s Tomb cds, this little backwoods studio has come a long way. I think it’s fair to say everybody involved is incredibly proud and honoured to have, over the years, worked with a growing number of wonderful and diverse musicians from Northern Alberta. You’ve got the likes of Daniel & The Bear Skull, Ryan Ro, Bethany Fisher, MC Lyfestile, August Alai, Nic Brouwer (Starving Zealots), Brother Wood, Reject, and of course the band making waves all over the world with their powerful, positive reggae message — Tasman Jude!

We’ve made friends recording and doing live sound like Checkered Owl and Luke Dowler and so many more.

So, hey, I think this is pretty cool. From the raw potential of three long-haired metalheads in Elijah’s Tomb almost fifteen years ago, to a growing resume, it’s almost hard to believe. First time I met Nathanael, dude was wearing a leather jacket, about to ride his motorcycle to California, and said I looked like a Weezer fan.


Love, Ro